Multifunctional molybdate based closed system treatments contain a blend of corrosion and scale inhibitors, dispersants, copper corrosion inhibitors and pH buffers to control corrosion and prevent scale and deposit formations. These liquid blends inhibit corrosion in multi-metal systems by forming a protective thin film barrier, even under static conditions. 
Our molybdate based products keep piping systems and heat exchangers clean and free from corrosion products and other harmful deposits, thereby maintaining optimal heat transfer efficiency and longer equipment life. Formulations that compensate for variations in local dilution water quality are available.  
  • Excellent corrosion & deposition control – Keeps heat transfer surfaces clean
  • Good resistance to MB activity
  • Compatible with propylene glycol and ethyelene glycol  
  • Good for cold and hot water HVAC systems
  • pH buffered  
  • Easy control test